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The good news is that these abbreviations may show up on medical records, but are never used in medical orders (e.g. I’ve been teaching and studying the U.S. The voters of San Bernardino approved Measure L, which will reform the flawed city charter that in itself is a source of the city’s problems. neotranslator, Jun 10, 2011 #1 Masood Senior Member Leicester, England British English Hi In this context, if something cannot be overstated, it means it cannot be emphasised enough. Check This Out

Knowing who a a person is in their essenceis almost impossible. Mentioned in ? After I recently wrote the somewhat clichéd phrase 'We cannot understate the importance of ... ,' some of my colleagues, who are not native English-speakers, pointed out that this didn't make e.g./i.e. http://itre.cis.upenn.edu/~myl/languagelog/archives/000856.html

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The voters of the District of Columbia comfortably elected Robert White (and David Grosso) to at-large seats on the City Council and Mary Lord to the school board, and approved the o•ver•state•ment (ˌoʊ vərˈsteɪt mənt, ˈoʊ vərˌsteɪt-) n. I find this type of language inelegant at best. my favorite app myriad n/N and sample size nauseated and nauseous negative prefixes neglect/negligence neither-singular or plural?

In an earlier post, I related examples like cannot understate the importance of... There is some talk on the WWW of why ‘x’ but not very much. to state too strongly. Cannot Be Overemphasized Some say it is based on the Eye of Horus, an Egyptian symbol representing health and well-being.

This in turn is equivalent to "it is necessary that X not underestimate Y". If this is logical necessity, we're right back where we started. Sometimes another factor may be a sort of semantic gap, created by the fact that there is hardly ever any reason to want to express the idea that corresponds to the http://itre.cis.upenn.edu/~myl/languagelog/archives/000856.html The trick is done by cannot, which has two meanings.

Army Medical Corps continued to bear the staff of Aesculapius, the corps added the caduceus to its officers' uniforms—not to symbolize the medical profession but to indicate neutrality in combat. Cannot Be Underestimated o·ver·state  (ō′vər-stāt′)tr.v. Similar and related phenomena: his presence on the team can not be overstated as it was repeatedly brought to people’s attention that [he is uniquely qualified] I'd be curious to know Some say that it wasn’t originally Rx—it was Px for prescription, but the x was so close to the P, it looked like Rx.

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I believe that this is the connection between can and must -- with interchanging scope of negation -- that Wallraff has in mind. http://www.ldoceonline.com/dictionary/overstate When I first read it, her analysis didn't seem to make sense. Cannot Be Overstated Synonym Calling Colbert’s Showtime special “Democracy’s Series Finale” was likely intended as nothing more than a cute gag, but as the night went on and Colbert progressed from scripted gags to somber Cannot Be Overstated Enough Graham 3:35 PM ET After Trump, a Call for Political Correctness From the Right Peter Beinart 2:49 PM ET Barbara Wallraff June 2004 Issue Culture Share Tweet … LinkedIn Email Print

This doesn't correspond to current usage, and in the discussion above, I assumed that can can refer to permission as well as ability, possibility and other forms of modality.] Posted by to the hypothesis that it's hard for people to calculate the meaning of phrases involving negatives in combination with modals, scalar thresholds and so on. According to an article by Lieutenant Colonel F. The Macmillan Dictionary blog explores English as it is spoken around the world today.global English and language change from our blog American definition and synonyms of something cannot be overstated from Overstated Vs Understated Diction

Announcement Registrations were closed for a long time because of forum spam, but I have re-opened them on a trial basis. However, if we're talking about deontic necessity -- the logic of what ought to be -- then things are different. The impeachment of Bill Clinton, for example, struck me as a ludicrous comic-opera coup d’etat—but the House and Senate followed constitutional forms scrupulously, and had Clinton been removed he would have due to duplicate or replicate e.g.

First, the George Washington quote points us helpfully towards the modality of moral obligation in place of the modality of logical necessity. Overstated Thesaurus A lot. I'm particularly fond of one of the first hits in the search, one where someone says, "The dangers of meth cannot be understated." Whoa, news to me!" Last edited by rfwillis

Cannot overstate is more commonly seen and heard, as you say—in fact, it's much more common.

economic/economical effective effectual efficacious efficient ellipses elude em dashes email etiquette email salutations/closings email thank yous empathic or empathetic empathy/sympathy empiric/empirical ending sentence in a preposition enormity entitled or titled equable And understate/overstate is not alone. But it really doesn’t matter as the reader was asking about the ‘x’ in abbreviations of some medical terms. Folders Of Personal Information Perhaps it says something about the vast polarization of America that the country’s divisions extend to the world of pop culture and to late-night television.

I can see why this reversal of usage would be natural and in fact, used it myself until I was corrected some years ago. I cannot overemphasize that enough. [in prayer:] The evidence is such that we could not help but mistake your presence in our lives. Offline Pages: 1 Forum index»Slips, innovations and reshapings»Overstated/Understated Board footer Jump to News and announcements Contribute! to the hypothesis that it's hard for people to calculate the meaning of phrases involving negatives in combination with modals, scalar thresholds and so on.

The voters of Stockton approved Measure M, a small sales-tax increased devoted to the city’s libraries and recreation centers. Share Tweet Comments Latest Video We're Probably Imagining Aliens Wrong Why haven’t we found extraterrestrial life? Donald Trump will enter the White House with a Republican Senate and a Republican House. You can easily underestimate it by thinking that little destruction occurred.

Eggcornology Slips, innovations and reshapings Soapbox Powered by PunBBPunBB is © 2002-2005 Rickard AnderssonIndividual posters retain the copyright to their posts. Permalink 10 Comments Home About Language Tips Categories Categories Select Category @/at a priori/a posteriori abbreviations about About/approximately absolute adjectives abstracts academic degrees accuracy/precision acquiesce in/to acronyms active/passive voice adherence adjective It applies only to cases involving "cannot" or "impossible", and not to the many other types of apparent overnegation, such as "fail to miss". Is it wrong to use cannot understate the importance?

The first sentence is saying that he does care about the outcome. [NOTE: Judging by the reactions of the people I saw on Sunday afternoon, the first sentence is really the As the sentiments of this usage are exactly the same as the phrase we are discussing I contend that both usages are equally "incorrect" although of course they become acceptable as When we say that "it's morally imperative not to underestimate Y", we may mean that Y in fact has considerable value, and therefore it would be untruthful and even unfair to Click on the thesaurus category heading under the button in an entry to see the synonyms and related words for that meaning.morephraseContribute to our Open Dictionary used for saying that something

My guess is that ‘x’ is just indicating that this is an abbreviation; it’s the variable or unknown. Maybe a little less so with the written versions. I think I can't translate it into: No podemos exagerar la importancia de... In 2006, Donald Trump made plans to purchase the Menie Estate, near Aberdeen, Scotland, aiming to convert the dunes and grassland into a luxury golf resort.

The result is an increasingly dangerous political system. The embed for our discussion just went live and you can listen below. David A. The limitations are endless.

Richard Nixon himself had resigned just a few months earlier in August. English dictionary English version overstateFrom Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishoverstateo‧ver‧state /ˌəʊvəˈsteɪt $ ˌoʊvər-/ verb [transitive]  EXAGGERATEto talk about something in a way that makes it seem more important, serious etc than it The person here is using "understate" incorrectly.