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Questions and Answers in Russian in English in French in German in Italian in Spanish in Japanese in Chinese How to say "Regretfully, I can't come" in German?Human translation is shown In northern as well as southern Germany (Bavaria), Austria and in Switzerland, the "r" is rolled similar to as in Spanish in all positions except the initial. europarl.europa.eu europarl.europa.eu Leider kann sie heute nicht anwesend [...] sein - zweifellos hat sie anderenorts Verpflichtungen wahrzunehmen. Furthermore, German (Standard German and/or dialect) is spoken in the French regions of Alsace (German: Elsass) and Lorraine (German: Lothringen), in the northern Italian province of South Tyrol (German: Südtirol, Italian:

Bitte bringen Sie mich zum/zur/nach _____. (BIT-tuh BRING-en zee mikh tsoom/tsoor/nahkh _____)Note: Use 'zu(m,r)' for streets and places and 'nach' for cities and villages. eest) Problems[edit] Leave me alone. But for my sprachgefühl it's closer to the original intent; and it's perfectly reasonable for HAL 9000, anyway ;) –Frank Aug 4 '14 at 0:19 add a comment| Your Answer But that sounds too hard.

Ein Dieb! (HAHLT! Hilfe! (HEEL-fuh) or to be more specific to yourself, Hilf mir! (HEELF-meer) Good morning. A little/big beer, please. life sometimes goes so fast that your mind cannot even follow.

europarl.europa.eu europarl.europa.eu october 2008: what a summer! Questions and Answers All Languages | EN SV IS IT RU FR RO PT HU LA NL SK HR ES BG NO CS TR DA FI PL EL SR Ich habe kein Interesse. (ikh hah-buh kighn in-ter-ES-se) OK, I'll take it. english-to-german idioms share|improve this question asked Aug 3 '14 at 5:18 positron 17015 2 You give the English phrase with a comma in your title and without in the question

Ein Viertel/Achtel Rotwein, bitte. (ign FEER-tel/AHKH-tel ROHT-vign, BIT-tuh)Note: It's usual to order wine by quarters or eighths (of a liter). europarl.europa.eu europarl.europa.eu Das bringt eine außerordentliche [...] politische Belastung mit sich, und in [...] dieser Hinsicht - ich bedauere, Herr Caudron - kann ich Ihrer Einschätzung [...] nicht zustimmen. Can you suggest another hotel? How much does it cost to get to _____?

Each varies depending on the noun's gender and whether it is singular or plural. Ich brauche... (ikh BROW-khuh...) (BROW rhymes with cow) ...toothpaste. ...Zahnpaste. (TSAHN-pahs-teh) ...a toothbrush. ...eine Zahnbürste. (IGH-nuh TSAHN-buur-stuh) ...tampons. ...Tampons. (TAHM-pohns) ...soap. ...Seife. (ZIGH-fuh) ...shampoo. ...Shampoo. (SHAHM-poo) ...pain reliever. (e.g., aspirin or There are very strong accentual and dialectic differences in German-speaking countries. elroy, Mar 2, 2007 #5 Previous Thread Next Thread Loading... (You must log in or sign up to reply here.) Show Ignored Content Share This Page Tweet Log in with Facebook

auf der seite des würzburger [...] alumni-netzwerkes ist ein interview mit mir erschienen. Rechts abbiegen. (REKHTS AHP-bee-gen) straight ahead geradeaus (guh-RAH-duh-OWSS) towards the _____ Richtung _____ (RIKH-toong) past the _____ nach dem(m)/der(f)/dem(n) _____ (nahkh daym/dayr/daym _____) before the _____ vor dem(m)/der(f)/dem(n) _____ (for daym/dayr/daym Your original sentence is correct, but perhaps not the most idiomatic: it reminds me of HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey, although in reality the famous phrase "I'm afraid I No, create an account now.

Ich glaube nicht, dass ich das (tun) kann. Was kostet das? (vahss KOSS-tet dahss?) That's too expensive. chinforce.com chinforce.com Der Besteller kann aber nicht in den Besitz [...] dieser Werkzeuge gelangen, bevor er alle offenen Rechnungen zugunsten der Gießerei [...] beglichen hat, darunter auch jene für Studien, Patente back to top | home© 2002 - 2016 Paul Hemetsberger | contactEnglish-German online dictionary developed to help you share your knowledge with others.

It is very closely related to Dutch and mainland Scandinavian languages. Top-Anfragen Links Disclaimer Feedback Impressum © 2016 Phrasen.com - Wörterbuch der Redewendungen Deutsch/Englisch

Log in or Sign up Dictionary and thread title search: English-Spanish English-French English-Italian English-German English-Dutch English-Russian English-Portuguese Try saying "Gibt es hier in der Nähe ein Reisebüro?" ("Is there a tourist agency nearby?") instead. I would like spaghetti without cheese Ich möchte die Spaghetti, ohne Käse (Ikh merkhte dee schpagetti, ohna kayze), "Ohne" being the key word here. à la carte a la carte (ah

more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed Nein. (nine) Excuse me. (getting attention) Entschuldigen Sie. (ent-SHOOL-dee-gun zee) Excuse me. (begging pardon) Entschuldigung. (ent-SHOOL-dee-goong) I'm sorry. Ich hätte gerne die Speisekarte. (ikh HET-tuh GAYR-nuh dee SHPIGH-zuh-kahr-tuh) Is there a house specialty?

Lab colleague uses cracked software.

Kommt eine Bedienung zum Tisch? (kommt IGH-nuh buh-DEE-noong tsoom TISH?) A beer/two beers, please. europarl.europa.eu europarl.europa.eu Es tut mir sehr Leid, aber, wenn wir zu einer Einigung kommen wollen, dann [...] ist das keineswegs politisch korrekt, Herr Barroso. Wann gibt es Frühstück/Abendessen? (VAHN gipt ess FRUU-shtuuk/AH-bent-ess-en?) Please clean my room. Wo ich hin gehe, da könnet ihr nicht hin kommen. 22Da sprachen die Juden: Will er sich denn selbst [...] töten, daß er [...] spricht: "Wohin ich gehe, da könnet ihr

People from Switzerland or Baden could try speaking their dialect since they all belong to the Alemannic family. Nehmen Sie britische Pfund an? (NAY-men zee BRIT-ish-uh PFOOND ahn?) Do you accept credit cards? An orthographic peculiarity is that all nouns, even those in the middle of a sentence, begin with a capital letter. Improve your language skills for free! "Like" us on Facebook, Google +1 or Twitter Tweet What is Howdoyousay.net?

ancallon.com ancallon.com Pause, dann etwas [...] lauter:] Es tut mir leid, daß ich gestern nicht gekommen bin; ich konnte nicht, ich brauchte Zeit. Ich kann es mir nicht leisten. (ikh kahn ess meer nikth LIGH-sten) I don't want it. There are four grammatical cases: nominative (subject), accusative (direct object), genitive (possessive), and dative (indirect object). Ich esse kein Schweinefleisch. (ikh ESS-uh kign SHVIGN-uh-flighsh) I only eat kosher food.

das leben ist manchmal schneller als man mitdenken kann. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? share|improve this answer answered Aug 3 '14 at 6:46 Milchgesicht 1,5221420 1 A few moments later HAL says "I'm afraid that's something I cannot allow to happen". Ich heiße ______ . (eesh HIGH-suh) Nice to meet you. (formal) Nett, Sie kennen zu lernen. (net zee KEN-en tsoo LER-nen) Nice to meet you. (informal) Nett, dich kennen zu lernen.

Ist Frühstück/Abendessen inklusive? (ist FRUU-shtuuk/AH-bent-ess-en in-kloo-ZEE-vuh?) What time is breakfast/supper? Thief! Zahlen, bitte. (TSAH-len, BIT-tuh) Bars[edit] Do you serve alcohol?