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I Cannot Stress Blonde Enough

Bateman looks at his blurry reflection in a metal menu. perfect... Holding back his rage, Bateman tells him it's very nice. "Let's see Paul Allen's card." Bryce takes it out of his pocket and hands it to Bateman. She repeats her question. "I'm looking for uh..." He holds up a nail gun and points it at the back of her unsuspecting head. "I guess you could say I just Check This Out

He pays, and then when she's out of earshot, he says "You're a fucking ugly bitch. Snowball says 'hello Patrick'", she says in a childish voice. "What is it?" Patrick looks with disgust at the creature in her arms. "It's a little baby piggy-wiggy, isn't it? I'll have an update ready next Tuesday. 2009.09.16 Sorry to be behind schedule again, I'm moving this week. Long day. http://www.subzin.com/quotes/American+Psycho/And+I+really+can't+stress+blonde+enough.+Blonde

He hasn't touched his dessert. You reek of shit. Hey Paul!" Paul looks around too late to see Patrick charge at him with the axe.

I killed another girl with a chainsaw, I had to, she almost got away and uh someone else there I can't remember maybe a model, but she's dead too. It was spicy. Moonwalking backwards, he says that Huey has been compared to Elvis Costello, but that Huey has a more cynical sense of humor. You don't want to get hurt, do you?" "No, I guess not.

The restaurant is furnished in pinks and greens, and everyone is well-dressed. And LMAO @ "BounceBreak.com" theelusiveeightrop10-20-2012, 06:03 PMRed. She asks if Christie summers in Southampton. see it here Kimball apologizes again for barging in.

Pick up the phone you bad boy. The Iron Chief10-20-2012, 11:26 AM... He picks up his briefcase and walks away down the alley.A health spa. Van Paten returns from the bathroom and says that there's no good place to do coke in.

He says he can't take the time off work to get married. "Your father practically owns the company. why not try these out Bye Mr. That *was* you, wasn't it! Perfect!

You're fucking me and we haven't made plans. his comment is here taping something." "Patrick, have you ever wanted to make someone happy?" She starts to put her spoon down on his coffee table. "No! She has a face that says she's been hooker for too long. Matsuda?"Inside his office. "Do you remember where you were the night of Paul's disappearance?" asks Kimball. "Which was on the 20th of December." "God.

Legally Blonde (2001) I've been thinking about it, and I think it's the right thing to do. Gwendolyn's father is buying it. Visit our Synopsis Help to learn more Synopsis Text is too large - max size is 60,000 characters. this contact form fucking...

He runs behind a parked car for cover, firing and hitting one of them. He walks by his secretary, Jean (Chloe Sevigny), to his office door. Some latkes?" "No, just cool it with the anti-Semitic remarks." "Oh I forgot.

They discuss the fact that Allen is handling the Fisher account, which leads McDermott to make racist remarks about Allen being Jewish. "Jesus, McDermott, what does that have to do with

Patrick takes a swig of his whiskey.It's nighttime. He screams in victory. Great stuff! Like, worse than watching Colt McCoy.

He calls the restaurant, and asks if he can make a reservation for two at 8:00 or 8:30. Christie's arm touches his. "Don't touch the watch." He gets up and goes over to the dresser. He holds out some money and asks again. "I'm not supposed to, but I can make an exception," she says, taking the money. "Do you take a credit card? navigate here Maybe it was all a fantasy.

As simple as a ball and bat, yet as complex as the American spirit it symbolizes. Patrick continues "Their early work was a little too new wave for my tastes, but when 'Sports' came out in '83, I think they really came into their own. Just joking." He asks him his name, and the bum says his name is Al. "Get a god-damn job, Al! Still crying, he makes a phone call.

On her way out, she reminds him that he has a dinner date with Kimball the next day. "Thanks.