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I Cannot Worship A God I Can Beat Up

And the battle of Armageddon… Christ's only weapon is "the sword of his mouth"… Aka the word of God. I also fail to see what is so worshipful about someone carrying a sword with "a commitment make someone bleed."  But this aside, I'm not at all surprised Driscoll believes the Be a virgin until you get married…to a person of the opposite gender. As a woman who idyllically desires a knight in shining armor to fight on my behalf, at first it was hard to understand Jesus allowing Himself to suffer such atrocities. http://urldt.com/i-cannot/i-cannot-tell-why-he-whom-angels-worship.html

And then Jesus shows up: Now I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse. Even as he accuses others of selectively reading the Bible, he does plenty of selective scripture reading of his own, even as he looks to the book of Revelation. But Jesus' feet were covered in dust from walking among us. Christ the Bridegroom.Think about that for a minute, especially in light of the Events we are preparing to commemorate this week.Like most men on their wedding day, I went to great you could try here

Death by Love: Letters from the Cross. was trying to make a point that we aren't seeing the whole picture. No doubt Jesus had a strong character that projected strength.

Genocide and the enslavement of enemies are not condemned but commanded (Deuteronomy 20). Yes, I'd Love to! He seems to be looking for Nike, or Vrthragna, or Zealos and Bia, or Sol Invictus, or Mithra, not Christ. Mark Driscoll’s way of dealing with it is about as bad as it gets.

I am tired of hearing people misquote, misreprent or distort what he has said. Abide Vine The only letters Jesus actually wrote were the ones he drew in the dirt when the Pharisees were going to stone the woman caught in adultery. http://www.emergentvillage.com ? http://www.patheos.com/blogs/nakedpastor/2013/11/why-mark-driscoll-could-never-be-one-of-the-wise-men/ In the very chapter that Driscoll uses, Jesus shows up to the fight with blood on his clothes, indicating that it's His blood.

Beautiful and powerful. Driscoll founded Mars Hill Church in Seattle the fall of 1996, which has grown to almost 8,000 in one of America's least churched cities. That just sounds weird. Strength of character and the capacity to violence are unrelated, at an individual, communal, political and scriptural level.

Tsveti Marcheva I've heard his sermons, and believe me, they imagined God's love to the lost people.Just here to consider the other side of the coin, the justice of God. Maybe 🙂 Martin Peter Clarke From this defeated armchair warrior: Wonderful! Most glaringly: this is not someone who should be paid to be a Christian minister. The myths tell us that a god should be angry, self-righteous, vengeful, petty, bloodthirsty.

One question is where do they go next? weblink You can find the first of that series of blogs here. As I said he was both what Driscoll and Watts have described. Under the new covenant Christ is my defender, my Champion.

I've got a new name for them now FRUITCAKEamentalists. The Gospels simply don’t serve his purpose. Grow up. navigate here Alan Molineaux I don't think I could disagree more.

There are thousands of people in ordinary evangelical churches that think he is saying something mainstream. And we also know that "sword" is a pretty common metaphor for words; indeed, even the Word of God (Psalms 55:21, 59:7, 64:3, Proverbs 12:18, Ephesians 6:17, Hebrews 4:12). Vince I believe the entire Bible was inspired by God so I believe Jesus wrote the Bible.

Jesus is not Rambo. 22044 Jesus is not Rambo - I agree.

The blue eyed, blond haired ‘Scandinavian Jesus' pictures really annoy me! The Lord rebuke you and all like you who can put a webpage and think you can protect others with non-essentials by slamming other ministers. And clean out the hood. John Frank, you believe in a Jesus who views wealth neutrally, in spite of camels, eyes of needles, the scriptural need to take care of widows and orphans, the socialist theology

Mark Driscoll says lots of good things. Yes Driscoll can sometimes focus too much on the macho characteristics of Jesus and it looks like you do the opposite and focus too much on the meek and gentle side. Not an ambassador from God, not one part of the Whole, but the entire fullness of the Godhead clothed in flesh. his comment is here Murray | photos by @tanrr Home Blog About Damaged Goods Connect Support Contact Instagram Welcome Faith and Feminism Dianna E.

He has been named one of the most influential young preachers in America by Christianity Today with over one million downloads of his sermons each year. I have a very mixed response to Driscoll. Love when quotes are taken out of context. Monday, April 2, 2012 "I Cannot Worship a Guy I Can Beat Up" A while back, Mark Shea drew attention to some remarks by Pastor Mark "High Octane Calvinism" Driscoll of

But God didnt create us to kill one another… of that I'm certain. A biblical perspective has both. Holy Week has kinda snuck up on me this year, but I'm trying to meditate on the idea of a God who dies this year. Vintage Church: Timeless Truths and Timely Methods.