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Of course, me being coachable made his life easier as my head coach for the plethora of sports that I played growing up, but I know that he shared that advice Can the subtlety of modal logic rescue "cannot underestimate"? underestimated/understated, when clearly it is not meant that the matter is of very little importance. Merriam-Webster shows it as one word, underestimate. his comment is here

What I find confusing is other people's confusion on this topic. "Can't" has meant something very much like "must not" and "should not" (with stronger emotional content) for as long as If you'll read the post above, you'll see an attempt at an explanation of why these are sometimes the same and sometimes different. ] Mark Young said, November 6, 2008 @ It included the statement "I cannot praise this man too highly." He would, according to family tradition, ask rhetorically, "What the hell does that mean? We cannot be careless in any province. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/01/23/magazine/23OnLanguage-t.html

Cannot Be Overestimated Meaning

Polls Archive Tweets by @dailytrojan SectionsNews Sports Lifestyle Opinion Blogs Multimedia Classifieds Social MediaFacebook Twitter Instagram YouTube SoundCloud AboutGeneral Information Staff/Editorial Board History Advertise in the Daily Trojan Apply to Work My question: which one is correct, or are both accepted English? So, it makes sense that the sports executive put up a list for success and being coachable was one of the qualities on the list. They are not saying the same thing as any logic statement.

If something is important, one would say its importance can hardly be overestimated/overstated etc. I fell we can not overestimate the value of this discussion, but will the commonality of mis-use render correct usage outdated, as per fulsome? A version of this article appears in print on January 23, 2011, on page MM2 of the Sunday Magazine with the headline: On Language: “Cannot Be Underestimated”. Cannot Be Overstated Yes, wouldn't miss it.

I did find one example of underestimate being used correctly: At this point it's pretty much impossible to underestimate Palin. Can’t Underestimate It was clear that the writer rated this photographer's work and legacy very highly. View Results Loading ... But the intended meaning was "I couldn't possibly stop holding you in the high regard I do now." The sentence is genuinely ambiguous; although the first interpretation is closer to a

To make too low an estimate of the quantity, degree, or worth of: Don't underestimate the difficulties involved in the project.2. Underestimate Synonym to think insufficiently highly of: to underestimate a person. I really couldn't see at first what was wrong with "cannot be underestimated". Enquire 25 Pieces of Writing Software 12 Greek Words You Should Know Cannot or Can Not?

Can’t Underestimate

The empirical fact, setting aside the overnegation for a moment, is that "You can't" is, roughly speaking, interchangeable with "Don't": "We cannot be careless" is the same as "Don't be careless" https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2009/nov/16/open-door-underestimate-overestimate Contact Us Work With Us Advertise Your Ad Choices Privacy Terms of Service Terms of Sale Site Information Navigation Site Map Help Site Feedback Subscriptions English Dictionary | Thesaurus | Translator Cannot Be Overestimated Meaning Her column, “The Storm Report,” runs Tuesdays. Should Not Be Underestimated These are clearly deontic (or the second one might even be a "can" of ability, as in "we've had so much effect that it's no longer possible to ignore us"), and

yes, a lovely phrase, if mean. That is exactly true in the quote from Fernandez-Carvajal, where "We cannot be seen in a place that is unbecoming for a good Christian" and "We must not be seen in I think I have scars on my tongue from biting it whenever I hear this mistake!! 🙂 Rodon March 11, 2010 9:08 pm If you couldn't care less you don't care The question, though, is whether the same explanations apply to the "link building" example. Underestimated Or Overestimated

When a player is willing to listen to instruction, he or she begins to improve their level of play, which, in turn, improves the play of the team. This group represented 45 percent of the children in the study. Sin and sins are different in the original language. …Allah (SWT) means we should keep our defence ready, we cannot be careless about the defence of the Muslim Ummah… Since we weblink onderskat يَسْتَخِف، يُقَدِّر أقَل مما يَسْتَحِق недооценен subestimar podcenit unterschätzen undervurdere υποτιμώsubestimar alahindama دست کم گرفتن aliarvioida sous-estimer לְזַלזֵל בְּ-, לְהַמעִיט בְּעֶרכּוֹ कम कर के आकलन करना potcijeniti alábecsül meremehkan vanmeta

One, the person themselves benefits from the instruction and advice. gordonoz said, November 7, 2008 @ 7:38 am What about `You can't be serious!'? undervalue, understate, underrate, diminish, play down, minimize, downgrade, miscalculate, trivialize, rate too low, underemphasize, hold cheap, misprize Never underestimate what you can learn from a group of like-minded people.

If you simply mean that you're happy that you share with other fluent speakers of English the ability to understand such examples intuitively without analyzing them, then you're reading the wrong

Here the ethical foundation is neither religious nor political, but rather scientific -- the source is Donald Gray Cook, The Science Book of Wonder Drugs, and it's something like the laws Originally Posted by asaf If something is important, one would say its importance can hardly be overestimated/overstated etc. underrate, undervalue, belittle, sell short (informal), not do justice to, rate too low, set no store by, hold cheap, think too little of The first lesson I learnt was never to Edward Docx THE CALLIGRAPHERWe should never underestimate human stupidity, Duane said with conviction.

So my solution is that instead of saying "cannot underestimate" , or "must not underestimate" we should all say do estimate or plain estimate. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Judging from a quick web cruise, the error of substituting underestimate for overestimate, especially in the construction beginning “it is impossible to” is widespread. lemuel pitkin said, November 6, 2008 @ 1:11 pm Doesn't this usage often include an implicit "if we want to achieve our goal"?

Louise Sykes, head of the firm’s Wills, Trust and Estate Dispute team, said the research raises major concerns and urged people to address their situation, adding that failing to do so subestimar; menospreciar. John said, March 23, 2011 @ 11:22 am There's a deontic meaning of "can" that approximates to "be able to do X and still acheive a desired result", or in short RSS feed for comments on this post Follow us on Twitter Archives [+/–] November 2016 October 2016 September 2016 August 2016 July 2016 June 2016 May 2016 April 2016 March 2016

Magee is emphatic about what was discovered. “Sleep is important for a lot of reasons, and can influence health and well-being and cognitive functioning. All rights reserved. This sense is often viewed with alarm by those who feel that it's a mistaken colloquial substitution for may.